8Ball & Lowrider


8Ball and Lowrider Bicycle parts are the worlds longest running lowrider style bicycle kit and part manufacturer.

With the capability for production runs of personalised complete kit bikes to hundreds of unique parts and accessories to cover low rider, beach cruiser, dragster, rod, and a variety of other custom biking styles.

Promote an alternative method of bicycle building in your store, with the automotive inspired,
extremely collectible, and very customisable accessories in this extremely niche area of biking.

Candy, Glitter, Velour, Vinyl, Chrome, Gold, Single, Double and Triple Twists, Birdcages, LED Technology in Old School Looks, available across a variety of parts including:

Bells and Horns
Brackets and Bearings
Chains and Chain Discs
Complete Biycles and Frames
Continental Kits and Spare Wheel Carriers
Pedals, 1 piece and 3 piece bottom bracket setups
Ducktail, Mudguard and Fender Accessories
Forks and Fork Accessories
Handle Bars, Steering Wheels, Neck Stems and Handle Grip Accessories
Kick Stands and Bike Stands
Lights and Lights Brackets
Mirrors, Mufflers, Antennas and Accessories
Seats, Saddles, Back Rests and Seat Post Accessories
Tricycle Kits
Rims, Wheels, Tubes and Tyres and More.

Golden Triangle has a variety of stock on hand to offer immediate top up services to assist with your customers unique builds.

Don’t turn away any more sales, we are here to supply those hard to find parts.

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