Medicom Japan


MediCom Toy Incorporated is a Japanese company specialising in the production of highly
collectible toy production and the creators of the Be@rBrick toy range.

The Be@rBrick is a block style figurine that resembles a simplified human form and is produced in 3 sizes. The Be@rBrick gained a cult following by collaborating with artists, musicians, brands, video game characters, movie characters, fashion designers, among other licensees that offer a myriad of themes of one off run seasonal offerings that have become highly collectible and highly desirable.

The offering process is continuously offered on a quick strick method, with only select boutiques around the world having access to the Medicom Toy and Medicom Be@rBrick ranges.

Additional to this, Medicom have concreted their reputation for video game, movie and
replica reproductions from a variety of platforms, each as exiting as the next.

Initially only offered in Japan, Golden Triangle Distribution are proud to be working with Medicom Toy to further reach its international audiences, contact us to get Medicom products into your store!